The essence of the CaterBuy service is simplicity in use for its Members.

At the heart of CaterBuy’s service is its simplicity to its Members, particularly in budget control for schools, academies, and colleges. CaterBuy provides an uncomplicated pathway to better financial management without fees or formal contracts.

Schools, academies, and colleges can quickly become Members of CaterBuy and tap into the preferential pricing ‘framework’ arrangements with the suppliers of their choice. This is a crucial aspect of budget control for schools and other educational institutions.

CaterBuy suppliers offer a comprehensive range of product categories — Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Fresh Meat, Chilled and Frozen Foods, Grocery, Non-Food items, and Catering Equipment, all at preferential pricing. Keeping your administration and office costs low is a crucial part of effective budget control for schools.

To help you streamline your purchasing and reduce administrative paperwork, we have negotiated pricing terms across an extensive range of products with each supplier. This allows you to rely on a few suppliers to fulfil most of your needs.

Becoming a CaterBuy Member is straightforward. If you already have accounts with any of the CaterBuy suppliers, we will ask for your consent to link your account(s) to the CaterBuy pricing terms. If you do not have an account with any of the CaterBuy suppliers you wish to use, we will coordinate with you to set up an account. Your supplier accounts remain entirely yours, linked to the CaterBuy special prices.

Members transact directly with the suppliers of their choice to place their orders. Orders can be placed through the suppliers’ telesales teams or through online ordering on the suppliers’ own websites — or both — as best suits your needs every time. Each Member pays their own accounts directly with their chosen suppliers — monthly, on statement — by BACS, Direct Debit or cheque.

At CaterBuy, we understand the requirements of ‘in-house’ catering teams and the importance of budget control for schools. We are here to assist your team in using the CaterBuy suppliers and, leveraging our wealth of operational catering experience and procurement expertise, provide advice and guidance on day-to-day catering matters that might occur.