Like many of us in the UK, the business manager at a prestigious London school was becoming increasingly concerned by the rising price of food and produce.

He understood he had to consider his options.

The school had observed rising food costs in recent months and was beginning to worry about the impact on their budget.. They feared that these costs would keep increasing, making it difficult to meet the school’s food needs. They needed to find ways to reduce costs while still providing nutritious meals for the students….and fast.

The school provides in-house catering instead of contracting out to an external catering company. Initially, external catering companies seemed to provide short-term benefits and minor savings. However, the school realized that the long-term benefits of providing the service themselves were more advantageous. These savings were negligible in comparison but how could they achieve this?

This is when they were introduced to CaterBuy.

Caterbuy undertook a competitive analysis to clearly show the school where budget was not being spent as wisely as it could be. CaterBuy provided detailed information on the different pricing structures and the benefits of becoming a member. After a thorough analysis and comparison, the school was able to make an informed decision on whether or not becoming a CaterBuy member was the right move for them.

After carefully analysing the financial benefits of joining CaterBuy, the school decided it was right for them and chose to become a member. Joining CaterBuy allowed the school to take advantage of the discounts that CaterBuy was offering and the convenience of using the platform to order catering for their events. With the potential savings they could realize, the school was confident it was the right choice for them and decided to join CaterBuy.

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