school food suppliers uk

Like many of us in the UK, the Business Manager at a prestigious London School was becoming increasingly concerned by the rising price of food and produce.

The School provided their catering on an “in-house” basis, rather than contracting out to an external catering company, recognising that the long-term benefits of providing the services themselves were more advantageous.

The need to appraise their current purchasing arrangements became pressing. A benchmarking exercise, at no cost and without any obligation, would confirm how competitive their current purchasing actually was, and the value being received through those arrangements.

The School had observed escalating food costs in recent months and was becoming increasingly concerned about the impact on their budget. The School Business Manager, along with others in the School Management team and the Governing Body, feared that these costs would keep rising, making it difficult to meet the School’s catering needs. There was an urgent need to find ways to reduce costs, while still providing nutritious meals for the pupil as quickly as possible.

This is when they were introduced to CaterBuy.

CaterBuy undertook a comprehensive analysis of their catering purchasing to identify for the School where their budget could be spent to better effect, with lower procurement costs; importantly, without compromising food qualities.

CaterBuy provided detailed information on the pricing and the benefits of becoming a Member. After a thorough analysis and comparison, the School Management Team was able to make an informed decision that to become a CaterBuy Member, without any fees, charges or contractual obligations, was the right move for them.