Managing budgets in schools, academies or colleges. How can we assist you?

Managing budgets in schools, academies, or colleges has become a significant challenge in today’s economic climate.¬†

With the relentless rise in food prices and the ever-increasing demands on educational institutions’ budgets, securing the best value for every pound spent is more critical than ever.

Our initial approach

At CaterBuy, we understand these challenges and are committed to assisting schools, academies, and colleges to navigate this complex landscape. Our initial approach is to conduct a comprehensive benchmarking exercise free of charge, confidential, and without obligation. This exercise identifies potential savings areas and determines whether a more detailed analysis could yield further benefits.

We recognize that you may have several questions before or after the benchmarking process. To assist, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we often encounter. However, we are always available to answer any additional queries.

managing budgets in schools


Q .

We currently use several local suppliers, which we would like to keep using. If we join CaterBuy, how does that affect our dealings with those other suppliers?

A .

As a member of CaterBuy, you maintain complete control over your supplier relationships. In addition to your choice of CaterBuy suppliers and the specially priced products they offer, you have the absolute freedom to continue using any other suppliers at your discretion for any reason.

Q .

We currently use another purchasing group. Could CaterBuy still offer a saving opportunity for us?

A .

Absolutely. Different purchasing groups have varying business arrangements with suppliers and different pricing terms for their clients. Therefore, CaterBuy could offer potential savings. A benchmarking exercise, free of charge and without obligation, could be beneficial in confirming the value that you currently receive.

Q .

CaterBuy operates on a commission-based model. Our suppliers pay a small commission, calculated based on the group’s total turnover, directly to CaterBuy. This model allows us to provide our services to members without any fees.

A .

The suppliers pay a small commission, based on the total turnover of the group, directly to CaterBuy.