West London School: Time for a Change

The subject of school food budgets may not be the most glamorous, but it is a vital component of a school’s expenditure. This is why the finance manager of a well-known London school decided to review and investigate the advantages of using a food procurement company.  They recognised their food budget was a large expenditure […]

Birmingham Primary School Benefits from a Big Change

The Birmingham primary academy needed help in understanding the best way to procure food for their catering kitchen. Their kitchen was managed and operated by the school’s own catering kitchen team which led to some challenges. There was constant concern over pricing and supply. Were they getting good value? What if there was a price […]

Rising Food Costs Spark School into Action

Like many of us in the UK, the business manager at a prestigious London school was becoming increasingly concerned by the rising price of food and produce. He understood he had to consider his options. The school had observed rising food costs in recent months and was beginning to worry about the impact on their […]