Why do Food Wholesalers change their product codes?

It is frustrating when food wholesalers change their product code numbers — particularly for those who have designed their own order forms that include the wholesalers’ product code numbers. There are several reasons why those product code numbers need to be changed periodically. For the food products that they offer for sale, wholesalers maintain comprehensive Product Specifications […]

Will Food Prices Fall

Will food prices fall? The soaring costs of food continues to show no immediate signs of slowing down. The general consensus of financial institutions, including the Bank of England, seems to be that the rate of food price inflation will fall in the latter part of 2023 — along with the general rate of inflation. However, someunderlying factors affecting food inflation, including extremes of climate and wars across […]

West London School: Time for a Change

The subject of school food budgets may not be the most glamorous, but it is a vital component of a school’s expenditure. This is why the finance manager of a well-known London school decided to review and investigate the advantages of using a food procurement company.  They recognised their food budget was a large expenditure […]

Birmingham Primary Academy Benefits from a Big Change

The Birmingham primary academy needed help in understanding the best way to procure food and non-food products for their catering kitchen. Their kitchen – managed and operated by the school’s own catering kitchen team – had concerns over pricing and supply. Were they getting good value? What if there was a price rise or supply […]

Rising Food Costs Spark School into Action

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Like many of us in the UK, the Business Manager at a prestigious London School was becoming increasingly concerned by the rising price of food and produce. The School provided their catering on an “in-house” basis, rather than contracting out to an external catering company, recognising that the long-term benefits of providing the services themselves […]