The Birmingham primary academy needed help in understanding the best way to procure food for their catering kitchen.

Their kitchen was managed and operated by the school’s own catering kitchen team which led to some challenges. There was constant concern over pricing and supply. Were they getting good value? What if there was a price rise or supply issue? Were they missing alternatives?

Then they were introduced to CaterBuy.

The school bursar and internal catering manager requested the CaterBuy procurement team undertook the process of comparing the prices and terms of similar goods and services from different suppliers in order to determine the most competitive, cost-effective option for the school.

This benchmarking exercise involved gathering data on pricing and terms from external suppliers, such as cost per item, payment terms, discounts, delivery terms, and service levels. This data would then be analysed to compare it to the pricing and terms of the organization’s existing suppliers to identify any areas for improvement. This could include finding better deals, establishing more favourable payment terms, or improving delivery times and service levels.

This would provide the CaterBuy procurement team with valuable information to help them understand the competitive landscape, assess supplier capabilities, identify the most competitive prices, analyze past performance, and compare different suppliers’ offerings. This data will enable the team to make informed decisions when selecting suppliers, negotiating contracts, and finding the best deals for the organization. Additionally, the procurement team can use the data to monitor supplier performance and identify areas of improvement.

The exercise showed that the Academy could save a significant amount of money by using the CaterBuy purchasing arrangements with major suppliers. As a result, the Academy decided to take advantage of this opportunity and make use of the CaterBuy purchasing arrangements. This enabled the Academy to benefit from reduced prices and other benefits offered by the major suppliers.

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