The Education Purchasing Group for Food Supplies

Exclusively for the growing number of Schools, Academies and Colleges choosing to provide their own ‘In-House’ catering services

About CaterBuy LTD 

CaterBuy is a food and catering procurement and supply group for (the growing number of) Schools, Academies and Colleges choosing to provide their own “in-House” catering, rather than outsource the provision of their catering services to commercial catering contractors

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Who We Are

We are an independent procurement and supply group specialising in negotiating preferential pricing from major wholesalers for Schools, Academies and Colleges in both the state and private sectors, across the UK.

How We Could Assist Your School, Academy or college

With increasing demands on budgets, along with escalating food prices, the need to obtain best value is more pressing than ever.

What We Offer

Join your food purchasing alongside other Schools, Academies and Colleges with the shared aim of seeking competitive pricing through collective negotiations by CaterBuy with the supplier.


CaterBuy Buying Group offers benefits to Schools and others choosing to provide their own 'in-house' catering, where there is a need to keep tight controls on the costs of their catering supplies, whilst also minimising the administration processes and their associated time and costs.

Professional Expertise

With many years of operational catering management, coupled with extensive experience in public sector procurement, CaterBuy understands the unique needs of Schools and their ‘in-House’ catering teams. Combining together the purchasing power of the many individual CaterBuy Members across the UK, enables us to achieve very competitive price terms – usually only achieved by extremely large organisations – for the benefit of each individual CaterBuy Member to use as they wish.

No Fees

There are no fees or charges – and no formal contracts – for your School, Academy or College to join CaterBuy and link in to the preferential pricing ‘framework’ arrangements, using the suppliers of your choice and buying the products you prefer, wherever and whenever it suits you.

Keen Prices

On average, we have been able to achieve savings of between 5% - 10% of annual spend on supplies, typically representing real savings of between £2,000 and £10,000 per annum. This has been generally been achieved without changing brands or quality of products, and in many cases, without changing suppliers.With excellent prices and back-up from our suppliers, negotiated for you on a continuing basis, linking in to the CaterBuy arrangements for your catering supplies could significantly reduce your costs.

Additional Services

Over the years we have developed a range of additional services that we make available at no cost to our Members. These include assistance in complying with various Regulations, including Food Labelling (Natasha’s Law); Food Hygiene and Safety; and the provision of important food safety signage.


CaterBuy selects suppliers with a comprehensive range of product categories and negotiates preferential prices across the full range of those categories. Our aim is to help you minimise the number of suppliers that you need to use, thereby requiring fewer deliveries and fewer invoices to be processed, resulting in reduced administrative time and costs – and lowering your School’s carbon footprint at the same time.

History of CaterBuy Ltd

CaterBuy procurement and supply group was established in 1999 by Colin Ward and was incorporated as a Limited Company in February 2000.
Today, Colin Ward continues as Managing Director, taking an active role in the day-to-day operations of the